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Greetings from Raspberry Records!

Please look around and taste some of the musical variety we offer for all ages, children and adults alike. Thanks for stopping by.

Free Music!

Cassettes Available Free to Schools on Request

We've decided to celebrate the 21st century by giving away our entire stock of cassettes. So for a limited time, teachers and principals can request a free cassette (we ask for $2 to help cover packaging and postage). For details, click HERE.

Paul and Sue Available for Bookings - Concerts, Schools, Festivals, and Family Gatherings

Paul Lippert and Sue Ribaudo can bring their beautiful voices and wonderful rapport with audiences of all ages. They are available to perform, solo or as a duo, at concert halls, festivals, schools, and family gatherings from coast to coast. For more information, click HERE.

New Songs and Coming New Albums

Paul has been writing a whole bunch of new songs and is about to head into the recording studio with some of his musical pals. Keep in touch for updates and previews.

Life Is Changing - Paul Lippert's first album for everybody!

For a grown-up treat, at home or on the road, check out Paul Lippert's latest recording, Life Is Changing, on iTunes or your favorite online store. The album is a surprising departure from Paul's previous work for kids, with a good dose of rock-n-roll in addition to some tender ballads. Paul has been compared to Jackson Browne and Sheryl Crow, but you can decide for yourself. Head to the iTunes music store, preview tracks, and download your favorite tunes or the whole album. Humpty Jumpty, Rainbow In The Sky, and In The Same Boat are now available for digital download as well, on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other favorite online stores. For regular CD purchases, CD Baby has all Paul's titles.

Let's Play "Love..." - Not War

Venerable folk music magazine SING OUT! made special mention of the tune "Love Is Our Game," saying "this song may well find a place in the canon of the peace movement." The song is heard, in two different versions, on both Life Is Changing and Humpty Jumpty, Paul's latest recording for kids.

Share a song and a smile with someone and send some love and care to our brothers and sisters in Darfur and the Sudan, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other places torn by violence.

Love the troops and stop the wars!


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